Being processor agnostic means that Zappte is not beholden to any specific payment processing platform. We enhance and enable merchant accounts yet we do not issue merchant accounts. While open to work with everyone, we consistently promote a chosen few select payment processors across the globe to provide a proven first class processing experience built to suit.

Zappte helps keep interchange rates affordable by monitoring for adherence to the most current transaction guidelines and regulations which are the primary driver of fee costs and chargebacks. We also provide security to proactively prevent losses from fraud. We have the organizational and product skill set required to consult on and manage all transaction types effectively to always ensure the best possible Interchange.

Account Continuator allows successful processing of expired payment cards on recurring transactions, ensuring receipt of fees due without contacting the cardholder for periodic updates. Account Updater provides programmatic updates for card numbers and expiration dates from lost, stolen, or reissued cards, to ensure uninterrupted recurring payments.

Fraud Tools are the key! All merchants, especially High Risk, will experience an increased amount of fraud in the years to come. Zappte supplies tools strategically placed before the processor and before the sponsor bank. This allows the merchant to better control their destiny by blocking some out of pattern submissions Pre-Authorization as well as immediately Auto Declining those transactions knowingly outside the required parameters for Address Verification Service and Card Verification Value.

No; While they are remarkably close in meaning, they are not the same. A payment that is recurring happens repeatedly, at regular intervals. In contrast, a payment that is reoccurring is simply happening again but not always repeatedly. There are immediate interchange reductions for properly submitted recurring payments. We are the experts so please ask us how to save!

Easy; Zappte supplies an API directly into the transaction reporting and accounting system. Integrated partners may choose to query the system daily, hourly, or as needed. We also offer a semi-integration that allows for specialized terminal applications to process via Zappte.

Yes; if the processor of record is listed in the partners area. If the processor is not listed, please contact Support@Zappte.com and request a review. The processor may already be in on the roadmap, and we are happy to prioritize buildout around our portfolio of valued clients.

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