Virtual Terminal:

The IPReporting dashboard also provides customers ready access to process one-time transactions, schedule future transactions, and create payment Tokens via a virtual terminal online. This feature is highly used by support and accounting team members for self-care as needed. This option may be used as standalone and in parallel with a billing software partner.


Tokenization secures and protects sensitive payment acceptance data by replacing the specific account information with an algorithm that we then lock away for future use in a secure vault. Zappte creates a Token for all transactions that pass through the system and stores them for future use. Tokens may be used across multiple processors and provide a quick and easy way for support teams to process refunds without having to ask for the cardholder information again.

Interchange Optimization:

Interchange rates are established by the Card Association and are paid by acquirers to card issuers on purchase transactions. Interchange is an efficient method to assess transaction RISK and allow the Card Associations to maintain a strong a vibrant payments network. Each Card Association has its own interchange program; combined, there are more than 300+ levels of interchange from 0.05% to 3.95%. We are committed to reducing transaction processing costs to the greatest extent possible by recognizing and optimizing all reduced interchange opportunities. Zappte clients should never see the word NON_Qualified on their processing statement.

Account Updater:

The card account updater feature ensures that potential transaction declines caused by payment card account changes are resolved programmatically to prevent service interruption. Zappte constantly reviews stored card details for upcoming expiry dates and proactively contacts the card Issuer to request updated information in advance of the next scheduled event. We work hard to ensure that the information on file is correct and always ready to process. *Account continuator also available.


Zappte provides the ability to schedule one time or repeating payments via API or by manual entry on the virtual terminal within IPReporting. The scheduler is designed to handle payments for a set amount to be billed monthly on a set day. This tool is extremely helpful for in-house financing and subscriber payment arrangements split over a set period.  Along with debits, the scheduler may be used for scheduled outbound payments as well.

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