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Zappte is a boutique firm providing wholesale and resale products to enterprise clients and payments industry professionals seeking more plasticity and freedom from boxed solutions offered today.

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Built-In cobranded partnerships for subscription services. Zappte empowers next generation networks with more than payment acceptance. Many of our clients launch their own mobile brands, offer fixed wireless services, failover internet, or Internet of Things devices. Let Zappte orchestrate business connections to expand your products and services package today!

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Superior Fraud and Attack Protection. Zappte has a full suite of Velocity “OOPS” tools to serve your operation. This payment security will monitor transaction traffic, send an alert, and pend additional transactions for review when things look suspicious. If traffic becomes wildly out of pattern, such as an attack, the Zappte technology will send an alert and automatically respond by deactivating the terminal for the ultimate in protection.

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Bring your CRM or ERP. Zappte provides transaction details via API or file export for immediate consumption by your CRM or ERP to maximize efficiency and optimize your existing enhanced or newly implemented business solutions.

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Build a Payfac. Zappte build-to-suit infrastructure will support your Payfac with customizable features that allow for scalability without the looming limitations of boxed solutions. We orchestrate transaction data files fed directly from any card acquirer or payment processor and compliment the objects with white labeled transaction reporting, risk tools, and funding.

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Zappte has designed a customizable and scalable transaction reporting environment from the ground up. Twenty years of.

Zappte Fraud Protection OOPS Tools
Zappte Fraud Protection OOPS Tools

Fraudulent transactions will occur and businesses must continue to adopt creative online fraud solutions. Zappte.

Merchant Amenities
Merchant Amenities

The IPReporting dashboard also provides customers ready access to process one-time transactions, schedule future.

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